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This Is Why Love Terrifies You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Why Love Terrifies You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all know that love stories can sometimes end badly. And the romances with rose water that we devoured during our adolescence seem to us today, as adults, meaningless. We manifest, then, a fear and a fear of love. Except that we do not develop them all in the same way because it depends on our zodiac sign.

You are independent and you cherish above all your freedom. Your fear is to lose the freedom to maneuver your life as you wish and fall in love with someone reliving a pain of the past that you struggle to forget. As a result, you do not become attached so quickly and you do not open up for fear of being rejected again. For when you love, you are devoured by a passionate passion, which most often turns against you, when it is not reciprocal.

You are determined but most often stubborn and to make you change your mind about love, it is not won! You partition your life because you are looking for stability and the fear of loving madly a person who will not commit to the long term, you gnaws and pushes you to close on yourself.

You are unpredictable and you constantly change your mind. And in love you are insatiable. What scares you the most is always missing the right person, because even if you are in relationship, you always wonder if you are not going to meet someone who will satisfy you more.

You are an affectionate and tender sign and love is sacred to you. And when you are hurt in love, you keep an indelible mark deep in your heart. Your expectations of romance are not the least and you abhor mediocre love. What you prefer above all is the emotional security because you are afraid of the other and its unreliability for fear of being at your mercy because of your vulnerability.

You are generous and a great romantic. You give more than you receive. But in love, you set the bar high to find the ideal partner because you are always afraid to go wrong and suffer the disappointment of the breakup. You are also afraid of being betrayed by your emotions because when you fall in love, you become nervous and instinctive because of the lack of control over your life that it generates.

You are a perfectionist and a respectful of standards which makes you worthy of love. But the idea of ​​opening yourself to another person terrifies you because you are afraid to reveal your weaknesses and your faults and that the other notices them and you are not loved as you deserve.

Just like the Virgo, you are too concerned about the projection of an ideal image. You put a wall around the realm of your emotions and reveal very little. You are afraid of disappointing and because of this, you reject love instead of looking for it.

If there is one thing you are afraid of, it is treason, abandonment and rejection, but also dishonesty. Hence your secret and private soul that some interpret as mystery. Your fear of love lies in your fear of revealing your emotions and you are afraid of this dependence on the beloved you consider as your source of happiness. So much so that you are able to meet love and miss out so you do not suffer.

Your are always hungry for adventure and new experiences. But you are afraid of boredom in a relationship. Also, you protect your freedom and mobility for fear of falling into the monotony of the couple. You need a person who respects your autonomy and who lets you lead your life as you please and you fear that this kind of person does not exist, hence your mania to flee love every time you having.

You are a responsible, disciplined and tidy person. Your concern is to ensure the comfort of your family, hence your hard work. You do not accept failure even in love, which explains your caution and your fear of losing control. Also, you are afraid of your obstinacy to want to stay in a relationship even doomed to failure because you refuse to lower the weapons after a hard-earned result. You are afraid of failure and not of emotional abandonment.

You are a lover of freedom, independence and travel. You are afraid to engage and that person does not respect your wishes and suffocates you, which leads you to informal relationships. You are also afraid of not being accepted as you are.

Your need to help others, often pushes you to be attracted to tortured souls. Hence your fear of love for fear of always feeling so vulnerable. You are easily attached and you want to avoid grief. But it is your loyal and benevolent soul that you must blame.
This Is Why Love Terrifies You, According To Your Zodiac Sign