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How To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth In 1 Minutes At Home

How To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth In 1 Minutes At Home

How To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth In 1 Minutes At Home

In a society where the image is essential, it is important to take care of oneself and be at the best of ourselves. The cult of aesthetics pushes us every day to discover new techniques to lose weight, to have more beautiful hair but also to have an irreproachable smile.

There are a lot of remedies to fight dental problems such as toothache and yellowing. However, today we want to offer you a completely natural home dental bleaching recipe, based on two ingredients only and very fast.
Also find some foods that allow you to have white teeth.

Foods to consume for good oral health:
Water: Obviously, one can not find better as drink than water for the organism. The water allows to clean the oral cavity by rinsing the mouth after meals. This has the effect of removing the residues adhering to the enamel and thus improving the whiteness of the teeth.

Apples and carrots: Chewing produces saliva, which has the characteristic of disinfecting the mouth. Foods like apples and carrots force chewing and gives a sense of satiety, beneficial for people wanting to lose weight. These foods, by their textures, help to cleanse the mouth and offer conditions favorable to white teeth.

The plants (laurel, lemon balm, sage and mint):
These plants also stimulate the production of saliva as soon as they are chewed while cleaning the teeth. Moreover, they perfume the breath leaving a fresh scent.

Alkaline foods: Alkaline foods include potatoes and almonds, for example, which have a protective effect of the teeth because they reduce the acidity and make the saliva alkaline. Indeed, the mouth must not be too acid otherwise the tooth enamel is attacked.

Cheese: Cheese like any dairy product contains calcium and phosphorus. However, it is the only one to have to be chewed, causing the production of saliva. Moreover, it plays a role against the appearance of caries and therefore in the protection of teeth according to the World Health Organization.
100% natural recipe for white teeth

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • A few drops of lemon
  • Absorbent paper or cotton remover

Using a teaspoon, crush the baking soda and then add a few drops of lemon. Let it emulsify.

Finally, when the mixture looks like a paste, you can apply it on your teeth using a paper towel or make-up removing cotton.

Leave on your teeth for 1 minute then rinse with clear water only.

Do not exceed the maximum exposure time and use this preparation only once a week.

Benefits of Ingredients:
Sodium Bicarbonate: Recognized for its many properties, baking soda is a natural descaler that helps to whiten teeth. However, being abrasive, it could damage the enamel of your teeth if you use it more than once or twice a week.

Lemon: Rich in antioxidants, lemon helps to destroy bacteria and improve our oral hygiene to preserve a fresh breath. In addition, the citric acid it contains helps to whiten teeth. However, in order not to attack dental enamel, it is recommended not to use toothpaste after the use of lemon.